• Pre-project exploration
  • Area planning documentation
  • Documentation for area management
  • Documentation for building permit
  • Constructioni documentation
  • Supplier documentation
  • Design and realisation of interiors
  • Measuring, displaying and tracing works
  • Geodetic works
  • Exemption of land from the agricultural land resources
  • Study of land development plan for the system of ecological stability
  • Proposal of zones for hygienic protection
  • Anti-radon buildings protection
  • Processing of business plans
  • Geological reports for building sites including radon measurements
  • Documentation of influence on environment according to the law nr. 100/2001 Sb.
  • Studies of buildings' influence on the environment according to the las Nr. 255/92 Sb.
  • Technical expertise for these studies
  • Processing of prospectus

We work primarily in the following areas of construction investment:

  • Housing, recreational housing
  • Social housing (retirements homes, asylums etc.)
  • Communal buildings (shops, restaurants, motels etc.)
  • Food industry constructions
  • Machinery constructions
  • Water buildings (sewer, water treatment plants, water piping, softening plants, river flow regulation, dams, small water tanks and fish ponds)
  • Anti-erosion measures, parcels and landscape adaptation with the emphasis on the ecology
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